Veterans Bridge Center Inc

Providing access to Bridge Learning Services Nationwide

The Veteran’s Bridge Center Inc was created to offer Veterans the opportunity to learn and play bridge. The American Contract Bridge (ACBL) has Hundreds of Bridge Clubs Nationwide, where players of all ages meet to enjoy playing with their friends, partners and competitors.

The ACBL has a process that certifies Teachers that provide Online (via computer) lesson capabilities and we have selected from that list those teachers that meet the following criteria:

  1. They must have a website so that new players can establish a dialogue, evaluate resources (Online Lessons and Articles), determine costs and make payments.
  2. They should have a YouTube Channel that provides a sample of their products/videos so that new players can familiarize themselves with the teaching content and styles of the Teacher.

As a United States Marine Corps Veteran, I know that it has helped me ‘sharpen my mental focus’. Armed with this belief, I reached out to Dr. Steven M. Herman, Ph.D., ABPP, Chief of Psychology, Orlando VAMC, 13800 Veterans Way, Orlando, FL, and Dr. Herman has become a strong supporter of our efforts.

Those who play bridge know that it requires substantial mental focus and a good memory. Dr Herman believes that those attributes may help Veterans deal with the stress they face in rejoining society after their service.

He believes that the mental focus in Bridge (and the interaction with other players) can be a major benefit, as “One of the unfortunate side-effects of PTSD (and other psychiatric conditions) is that it often leads to a constriction of people’s lives, activities, and socialization. Anything that increases an individual’s socialization, activity, and interaction will be a benefit!”

Artwork:  "Flag-raising on Mount Suribachi, Iwo Jima, Feb. 23, 1945," painted from an Associated Press photo by Joe Rosenthal.  Artist:  Howard Chandler Christy.

The great news is that your donations can have an astonishing impact.

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